Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rome, Italy

I was in Italy for the last few weeks. Had quite a few adventures and an overall great time. Strolling around the streets and ended up participating in a socialist party rally. Had some of the best gelato (along with those Catholic priests) at Giollotti, near the Pantheon. I also was left without a place to sleep my last night there which was a big headache. Through the kindness of strangers (and a few Euro) a really nice guy named Musa let me crash at his place (last image).


Rebecca said...

Striking photos! And an excellent summary of your trip - made me laugh.

We chose your contribution to appear in one of our "Talking about Rome" posts. Check back soon!

Jean Philippe Dobrin said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them Rebecca. I will be posting more in the coming days.. probably 3-4 most posts of the rest of the images and various locations (including one dedicated to an Italian Serie A soccer game).